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With natural disasters such as tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, and other unforeseen events, the church has transformed into more than just a place of worship. It has become a place for pastoral care during times of crisis and offers emotional and spiritual support to those in need. Providing care during a tragedy is challenging, especially when someone has lost everything or when parents are grieving the loss of a child. Today, emergency services are relying on chaplains for pastoral and emotional care during times of need.

The CTC Network USA is an authorized Chaplains International Training Institute. The Chaplain Certification Program consists of 20 hours of training at your location. The cost is $300.00 per participant.

Upon Completion

  • Certificate from CTI
  • Approval to apply for commissioning with The CTC Network USA Chaplaincy Fellowship.

Session 1: Introduction to Industrial Chaplaincy Session 2: Chaplains and Volunteers in Prison Session 3: Duties of the Emergency Service Chaplain Session 4: Emergency Protocols Session 5: Pastoral Confidentiality and Ethics Session 6: Dealing with Suicidal People Session 7: Death Notifications Session 8: Biblical Counseling 101 Session 9: The Building Blocks of Counseling Session 10: Gathering Information - Part 1 Session 11: Gathering Information - Part 2 Session 12: Personal Assessment Forms Session 14: Critical Situational Stress Session 15: Traumatic Stress Reactions and Children Session 16: Grief and Bereavement Session 17: Preparing for Approaching Death Session 18: Healing Conversations Session 19: Contraband and Search Procedures Session 20: Anatomy of a Setup Final Exam

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